What We Offer:

  • Lactation Services - insurance is required to qualify for no out-of-pocket fee services. 

  • Tongue-tie assessments, treatment referrals and follow-up lactation support.

  • Oral assessment for suck coordination and quality that may affect how baby is able to nurse at the breast.

How We Are Different: 

  • Breastfeeding support is provided by a board-certified pediatrician who received additional training in breastfeeding medicine, as well as board-certification as an IBCLC.  

  • General newborn questions and child development questions can be addressed at these visits.

  • We work with your baby's pediatrician to ensure comprehensive care for medical issues related to breast-feeding or lactation needs.  

  • We can treat mother's medical issues as they relate specifically to breast-feeding or lactation needs.  

What You Will Need For Your First Visit:

-Your insurance card - we take all types of medical insurances except for out-of-state insurances.  If you have in-state insurance, you will qualify for services without out-of-pocket fees.  

-Nipple shields and breast shields if you are using any, or any other lactation-supporting devices that you may have questions about.  

-Bottle and supplementation (pumped breastmilk or formula) if you are currently using and giving your baby any.

-A referral from your pediatrician to qualify for services without out-of-pocket expenses.  

One-on-one Lactation Consultation


-At the initial visit, you will receive a comprehensive lactation consultation and an infant oral assessment.  

-The visit will take approximately 45 minutes.  It is best to have a slightly hungry infant for that visit, in order for a full LATCH assessment to be performed.  It is recommended that the last complete feeding of your infant took place at least 2 hours before the appointment.  If baby is hungry sooner, give a smaller feeding to keep baby somewhat satisfied, but hungry enough to be able to come to the breast to nurse during that visit.  

-Both mother and baby are assessed at this visit, so please where comfortable nursing clothes.  We provide pillows that support learning best lactation techniques, but you are welcome to bring your own.  

-If you are using devices to improve your breastfeeding experience, such as nipple shields, breast shields, or supplemental nursing systems, please bring these to your appointment should the need arise to perform assessments with these devices.  

-If your baby is being supplemented after nursing, please bring what you need to supplement your baby after your LATCH assessment. 

-We provide validation for parking.  

Tele-health Messaging



The initial assessment gives mothers the tools and techniques they need to begin their journey towards breast-feeding success.  But often,  when mothers are home on their own, practicing the technique and tools they learned during the initial visit, it seems more complicated at home than they thought it would be.

Every mother, after the initial visit, is invited to have secure access to our pediatrician and board-certified IBCLC for on-going questions and concerns that may arise.  This app, which can be downloaded to your smart phone, provides mothers a way to have their breast-feeding support needs met, even after hours, which is when things can often be the most challenging.  

The initial visit gives mothers access to a support network that they can tap into wherever they have cellular or internet access.  

The support is free as a part of the comprehensive services we provide.